When a game of poker is played or we are prepared to open some tables when playing online poker in any network or poker room , if we look closely, we will see that the hands come and go, as well as the boats, with what for general norm you will win more or less the same pots that you lose, this will always be so, even when you have weak or recreational rivals , that pay with really bad hands your bets, because however bad a hand is, it always has a little bit a hundred to win at our hand.

Poker Tips – The important thing is to make correct decisions

All this leads to the fact that it is very common to win and lose pots constantlybursa taruhan liga inggris, even the strongest hands that can give us as AA or KK are also likely to lose, so the best poker tips  are always take the best line that makes us win the biggest possible money, with what:

  • In poker, on average we will lose practically the same pots as those we win.
  • Even being a winner, a player will lose almost the same daily sessions as he wins.
  • The difference between a winning and a losing player will be the size of those boats, a winner will win many big pots and lose small ones and a loser will be the other way around.
  • The poker tips to be a winning player, are not to give importance to the pots that we win, since we will win almost the same that we lose, but it will matter the amount of them, a winning player will know how to take advantage of his strong hands and get the maximum performance at your hand and will know how to retire in time and lose smaller boats.

A losing player will value his hands and lose big pots with mediocre hands and with his strong hands will tend to “entrap” the opponent with ridiculous bets, and will not know how to draw value from his strong hands.

Poker Tips – Our winnings are not the jackpots

When we see a game  , in which the table is playing Deep Stack , and we see boats of almost $ 200 go from one side of the table to another, we tend to think that a player is earning thousands of dollars an hour, and nothing is further from the truth, the boats come and go, and as we have shown in poker tips , the game of poker is a game of small advantages , with which our profits from average will be a few blinds of the level you play at the time,

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